Photos of Gods Handiwork.

         Oklahoma to Alaska  Trip and Cruise


         Yellowstone National Park...... There just aren't words....... so here are pictures.

         Gleenwood Caverns, Glennwood, Colorado


         A look around Beavers Bend State Park in S.E. Oklahoma.


A really good weekend stay in some great cabins close to Broken Bow Lake. I think you'll find Pine Meadows a great getaway...


Lots of Fun in and around Mesa Verdie National Park.


Views from the train ride from Silverton to Durango Colorado. A really great day trip.



A stay at the Grand Canyon Hotel in Williams and the train trip to the Grand Canyon. What a really great day.


A look around Lake Tahoe and the Truckee River


A good day trip to Catalina.





It doesn't get any better than these










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